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Everyone wants their hair to be health. Having a healthy canvas to work with is a stylists dream. This only means more possibilities for you and a more reliable result for us. What a win/win am i right? Here are some tips a tricks you can do  to keep your hair in its best condition. Every little bit helps!

wet hair

Putting your hair in a pony tail when it is wet. DON’T DO IT! When you hair is wet is has the ability to stretch a lot more than when it is dry. Putting your hair in a ponytail when it is wet can over stretch your hair and will dry in that position. Leaving your hair more brittle and less likely to go back to its original shape. If you must keep your hair out of your face while it is wet, maybe try a loose braid. 


Pretty please only use professional products! We know they work and we know they will only make your hair easier to work with. TRUST US! =) 


Schedule regular haircuts. Split ends wont get out of hand, we can see how the products are working for you on a regular basis. This is for your best interest to keep your hair fresh and healthy. 

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Stay away from any at home box dyes. Even if they are from Sally’s! What they do not tell you about box dyes is that a lot of them have an adverse reaction to professional products, especially lighteners. 

Following these few tips and tricks will help your future services go a lot smoother. Plus your stylist will thank you for it!