Spring has sprung and wedding season is finally here. Coming up on our beautiful pacific northwest summer months means we are attending, in or are the star of a wedding. Am i right? Here are a couple helpful tips to keep things running smooth and stress free.

  1.  Planning ahead for your hair and makeup
    1. We recommend booking 5-6 month out & don’t forget to book a trial run!
    2. PICTURES.PICTURES.PICTURE. The more the better. This gives your stylist and makeup artist variation and options. They can determine your style and create something unique that fits you perfectly.
    3. Here are a couple sites to visit to get some inspiration:
      1. instyle
      2. Wedding styles
      3. Harpers Bazaar
      4. Pretty Designs
  2. Clear skin is a MUST
    1. booking regular facials 4-5 month before the big day will give your skin a chance to clear up and look its best before the big day
    2. at home treatments perfect what you have been doing at the spa.
    3. check our this awesome article on why we need to detox our skin
  3. Roughly about 2 weeks before the wedding
    1. Start whitening your teeth
    2. Get a trim/ colored refreshed
    3. One LAST gentle facial