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LASH 101

lash 101

Lashes can be a large investment and should be taken care of properly to gain all the benefits. You wake up looking more put together, you are no longer applying mascara for 10 min just to leave the house with clumpy lids…and sure enough mid day you have raccoon eyes from all the debris falling from your lashes. NOPE. Not my cup of tea! Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to help with your lash adventure from the Borboleta Beauty Blog. Read the full article HERE!



It’s so important to cleanse your lashes daily. Eyelashes catch debris and dust from entering into your eyes. If you are not cleansing daily, those debris and bacteria’s build up on your extensions. Yuck!


Keep your lashes looking nice and fresh with a little brush throughout the day. You should receive a brand new mascara wand after every appointment to keep them nice and aligned. Lashes should not need to be force brushed. If they are done properly, a little light brush is all you need. They should never look messy.


Did you know silk mimics human skin? Cotton causes friction, causing more split ends in your hair and that means damage to your lashes as well. In addition to that, dust mites and allergy bugs don’t like to live in silk like they do cotton, so this helps tremendously for women with a higher chance of allergies.



Nearly every person’s extensions should be different, based on the style they want and the natural shape of their eye. There are different lengths, curls and diameters that can be used to fit your natural lashes perfectly, without causing damage. They can be as natural or as dramatized to your desire, provided your natural lashes allow it.


Reputable eyelash training programs should provide students with a step-by-step manual, as well as the background, history, and facts about the chemistry behind it all. You want an artist that knows about the product they’re using and how to properly isolate. If your lash technician doesn’t know anything about the glue they are using near your eyes… RUN.


Ask about the products an artist is using, why they are using them, make sure they have a license, and be sure they show you pictures of their work so you can see what you’re paying for.


Oil degrades the adhesive slowly. So be sure to steer clear of all oily lotions and potions that get near your eyes.


Natural eyelashes go through a shedding cycle, just like your hair! Lashes fall out, with the extension attached, and a new lash grows in its place. Picking and pulling on those extensions runs the risk of premature shedding, and there is only so many pulls before lashes don’t grow back! Eyelashes are the most delicate cycle on the body, so treat them with care.


Because of the natural lash shedding cycle, you need to maintain your eyelash extensions to keep them looking fresh and full, nice and even.



We get tons of calls asking questions about lashes and the different types that we have. Well… we found another good article from Borboleta that explains the different types of lashes!



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Sugaring? What’s the big deal?

sugaring blog

So many people call us on a daily basis and ask us the difference between waxing and sugaring. Some people are stuck in their ways and love waxing, while others cant get enough of sugaring. You be the judge!

We did our research and found a few links that can help you decide if you want to try the newest hair removal fad!

Check our this  Link that goes a little more into detail on why sugaring is becoming so popular.

Of course we found a HUFF POST about this very topic…just to clear things up a little more.

Our final review is that sugaring is more natural, less painful and easier to clean up… It gets a huge thumbs up from us! Come in this summer and check it out!

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5 Things to do in Tacoma


Living in the north end of Tacoma is one of the best decisions I ever made. I am 5 minutes to the water front where I can walk the boardwalk and enjoy an amazing view, just 10 minutes away from downtown night life and some awesome unique restaurants, and another 10 minutes to 6th ave, lots of music venues, dive bars and cute shops. Its a pretty central spot. I am going to high light 5 of my favorite places and things to do in Tacoma (as of now…its forever changing…)




Located in Point defiance, Owen beach is an awesome place to relax by the water with friends and family. Have a BBQ, toss around a football, or just lay on a blanket.


Check out a Rainiers Game


The Tacoma Rainiers are a Minor League Baseball team that plays in the Pacific Coast League and is the Triple-A affiliate of Major League Baseball’s Seattle Mariners. Check out a game on any thirty Thursday fpr $2 beers, hot dogs and tacos. Check out this years schedule for game times.




Jazzbones is located just off of 6th ave. The thing we love about Jazzbones is that they offer a variety of entertainment for all different crowds of people. From stand up comedy to a live raggae band, there is something for eveyone. be sure to check out their website for updates on events coming up.


Rhein Haus


This is a newer addition to the Stadium District in Tacoma, and i am loving every second. Plan ahead because you might find trouble parking! A Bavarian-inspired restaurant with modern takes on classic German fare, 2 full bars, 24 drafts and 4 indoor bocce ball courts. Bring your friends and make a night of it. Check out the menu to know what your getting yourself into.




The top is one of my favorite places to eat. Their tacos are amazing, their breakfast on the weekends are to die for and the atmosphere is pretty awesome as well. Its definitely a dive bar so if you are into that you will be in heaven. I love the chill vibe and awesome people that go there. The night never ends bad. This place is packed for happy hour and ESPECIALLY Taco Thursday! Check out their menu.

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Taste of TACOMA 2017

Summer is finally starting to show its presence. Shorts, sun dresses, tank tops and bathing suits are finally appropriate to wear in public. This year Subculture Salon is going to be apart of a couple of of Tacoma’s main events. We are a proud participant of Taste of Tacoma. We were a part of the taste last year and we had a blast. Handing out flyers, eating lots and lots of food and selling some of our amazing Davines product was such a hit. We met so many amazing vendors and had a great time with the people of our community. Come check us out this year! Book your appointments & get your products at the Taste and save $$$ June 23rd – 25th 2017




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Wedding Season is FINALLY here


Spring has sprung and wedding season is finally here. Coming up on our beautiful pacific northwest summer months means we are attending, in or are the star of a wedding. Am i right? Here are a couple helpful tips to keep things running smooth and stress free.

  1.  Planning ahead for your hair and makeup
    1. We recommend booking 5-6 month out & don’t forget to book a trial run!
    2. PICTURES.PICTURES.PICTURE. The more the better. This gives your stylist and makeup artist variation and options. They can determine your style and create something unique that fits you perfectly.
    3. Here are a couple sites to visit to get some inspiration:
      1. instyle
      2. Wedding styles
      3. Harpers Bazaar
      4. Pretty Designs
  2. Clear skin is a MUST
    1. booking regular facials 4-5 month before the big day will give your skin a chance to clear up and look its best before the big day
    2. at home treatments perfect what you have been doing at the spa.
    3. check our this awesome article on why we need to detox our skin
  3. Roughly about 2 weeks before the wedding
    1. Start whitening your teeth
    2. Get a trim/ colored refreshed
    3. One LAST gentle facial
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Spring Hair Trends 2017

spring hair trends

Spring 2017 is here! As the weather heats up, our books get a little busier. Lighter balayages, cooler tones, whatever it is , spring is the time to play around with your hair!  Of course, we would like to stay up to date with all of the upcoming trends for this spring. We found this awesome article on the Cosmopolitan site that breaks it down for us. Runway looks transformed to a everyday, wearable look and lifestyle. 

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The New Eco-Friendly Solution to Your Bad Hair Days

birchbox blog


When you can find a hair product that does exactly what you want and is also good for the environment, you hit the jackpot. Davines is exactly that. I came across this awesome article about why Birchbox loves Davines products. Subculture Salon uses all Davines Products. Stop by and pick up a few! 

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Pulp Riot Obsessed.


Fashion colors are all the rage. We are so obsessed with the new Pulp Riot line. So many fun options that we never had before. We found this awesome article by Modern Salon that tells us a little bit more about why they are different from other brands. Subculture Salon is looking to expand our knowledge on the brand and we are now taking models to help build our portfolio. 

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Healthy hair… happy stylist.

healthy hair blog

Everyone wants their hair to be health. Having a healthy canvas to work with is a stylists dream. This only means more possibilities for you and a more reliable result for us. What a win/win am i right? Here are some tips a tricks you can do  to keep your hair in its best condition. Every little bit helps!

wet hair

Putting your hair in a pony tail when it is wet. DON’T DO IT! When you hair is wet is has the ability to stretch a lot more than when it is dry. Putting your hair in a ponytail when it is wet can over stretch your hair and will dry in that position. Leaving your hair more brittle and less likely to go back to its original shape. If you must keep your hair out of your face while it is wet, maybe try a loose braid. 


Pretty please only use professional products! We know they work and we know they will only make your hair easier to work with. TRUST US! =) 


Schedule regular haircuts. Split ends wont get out of hand, we can see how the products are working for you on a regular basis. This is for your best interest to keep your hair fresh and healthy. 

download (4)

Stay away from any at home box dyes. Even if they are from Sally’s! What they do not tell you about box dyes is that a lot of them have an adverse reaction to professional products, especially lighteners. 

Following these few tips and tricks will help your future services go a lot smoother. Plus your stylist will thank you for it! 

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Dry Scalp? We have the right products!

dry scalp

When the seasons change so does our scalp. Having sensitive skin and a dry scalp is no joke. Having to shampoo more frequently, avoiding black shirts and scarves, it’s just the constant reminder that you have a dry flaky scalp. Subculture Salon in Tacoma, WA has put together a small list of products to help.

download (2)Natural Tech Purifying Shampoo: For dandruff or severely imbalanced scalps. Clarifying and detoxifying, Purifying Shampoo fights microbial attacks and dandruff and establishes a healthy environment for hair growth.

download (3)Nautral Tech Purifying Gel: For purifying dandruff-prone scalps. Anti fungal and antibacterial Purifying Gel keeps the scalp clean and healthy.


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