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Healthy hair… happy stylist.

healthy hair blog

Everyone wants their hair to be health. Having a healthy canvas to work with is a stylists dream. This only means more possibilities for you and a more reliable result for us. What a win/win am i right? Here are some tips a tricks you can do  to keep your hair in its best condition. Every little bit helps!

wet hair

Putting your hair in a pony tail when it is wet. DON’T DO IT! When you hair is wet is has the ability to stretch a lot more than when it is dry. Putting your hair in a ponytail when it is wet can over stretch your hair and will dry in that position. Leaving your hair more brittle and less likely to go back to its original shape. If you must keep your hair out of your face while it is wet, maybe try a loose braid. 


Pretty please only use professional products! We know they work and we know they will only make your hair easier to work with. TRUST US! =) 


Schedule regular haircuts. Split ends wont get out of hand, we can see how the products are working for you on a regular basis. This is for your best interest to keep your hair fresh and healthy. 

download (4)

Stay away from any at home box dyes. Even if they are from Sally’s! What they do not tell you about box dyes is that a lot of them have an adverse reaction to professional products, especially lighteners. 

Following these few tips and tricks will help your future services go a lot smoother. Plus your stylist will thank you for it! 

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Dry Scalp? We have the right products!

dry scalp

When the seasons change so does our scalp. Having sensitive skin and a dry scalp is no joke. Having to shampoo more frequently, avoiding black shirts and scarves, it’s just the constant reminder that you have a dry flaky scalp. Subculture Salon in Tacoma, WA has put together a small list of products to help.

download (2)Natural Tech Purifying Shampoo: For dandruff or severely imbalanced scalps. Clarifying and detoxifying, Purifying Shampoo fights microbial attacks and dandruff and establishes a healthy environment for hair growth.

download (3)Nautral Tech Purifying Gel: For purifying dandruff-prone scalps. Anti fungal and antibacterial Purifying Gel keeps the scalp clean and healthy.


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3 Davines Products to Solve Curly Hair Problems

curly hair

Curly hair and Washington state don’t really go well together. Davines products are here to save the day. 3 products that will fight frizz, block humidity and define your curls.

download Curl Building Serum: This is for flexible curly looks. Its going to fight humidity and define your curls.

download (1) Love Curl Cream is going to give you a more natural look. Still a defined curl but a soft touch.

1120150-e1427382505591Oi Oil is an amazing product for anyone! We are so in love with this product here at Subculture Salon. Adds shine while still defining the curl.

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Our most popular products!

popular products

As a stylist, you find yourself leaning on certain products more than others. Everyone has their favorite and we are here to tell you ours! As a new salon in downtown Tacoma, WA, we have stylists in our salon from all over and with all different types hair texture. Our clientele and staff are so diverse that our favorite products are just as diverse. Here are Subculture Salon’s favorite Davines products. 

silverDavines Alchemic Silver Shampoo and conditioner: This product has become a salon and client favorite. Keeps our blondes icy and our stylists happy!

ccf9ddd1f7d125891f9d6aa279bb7159Davines More inside Dry texturizing spray: Beachy yet touchable hair. It gives us the 2nd day hair we are looking for when styling. 

davines-strong-dry-wax Davines Strong Dry Wax: Perfect for messy pixies or tousled men’s cuts. Matte finish and no left over residue. 

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