Lash Extensions

 All of our Subculture Lash Artists are certified in Russian Volume. This is a technique where we build fans of lashes that include 2 to 8 extensions per lash. This allows us to create a look which can range from Natural to Dramatic. Pricing is determined by desired look and time

If you haven’t heard… eye lash extensions are the newest trend.  Who wants to mess with applying clumpy mascara or even worse have your mascara run when you’re caught in the PNW weather? There is nothing better than waking up with your lashes looking like you’ve already applied your make-up. We can give you the most amazing lashes in just a couple hours. Whether you desire a more natural look or something more glamorous, our lash artists will custom fit you with lashes that match your lifestyle.  Our lashes are made from a synthetic mink and will look thicker and darker than your natural lash.

Pricing is based on the level of artist, Consultations are always complementary

Full Set Pricing

Natural - 1.5 to 2 hours $150
Hybrid - 2.5 hours$199
Volume - 3 hours$250+

Fill Pricing

30 min$30
45 min$55
45 min$65
1.25 hour$85
1.5 hour$110